Goodwood This Weekend

This weekend is the Goodwood Festival of Speed and I’ll be attending on Friday and Saturday and I’m sure I’ll bump in to a few people from the online community.

Perhaps I’ll even bump into a famous name or two, not that I’ll have any idea what to say as my mind always, always goes blank in that situation. I do plan to get plenty of photos and videos especially because this year there is a big IndyCar presence, including current drivers and cars which never usually happens because until last year they raced at Watkins Glen on this date. This marks a rare UK appearance for many of them, even including the UK drivers who are usually too busy with racing and public appearances in North America (or Brazil) to please the sponsors.

There is also the biggest contemporary F1 presence for some time, possibly ever, and the usual array of classics from across the racing spectrum. Sadly there will be a lack of current sportscar drivers and cars since both the ILMC/LMS and the FIA GT1 series are racing in Italy and Spain respectively. There might also be a smaller motorbike crowd since MotoGP and British Superbikes are also racing. With the huge reputation the FoS enjoys these days I find it amazing racing series deliberately schedule events against it.

This is the first time I’ve attended two days of the Festival so I hope to take it a little easier than usual – they say it is a garden party but I’m always rushing from place to place to see everything in a single day (the site is huge). I hope I can take it easier this time. I’ve also never been on the quieter Friday, usually Saturday and Sunday are my preferred days but both are choc full of fans a few rows deep, you only get really close to the cars late in the day as people thin out but then time becomes limited.

So I hope to report back on Sunday, and who knows I might find time on Friday night for a quick update too. I’ll be commuting the 2 hours each way from home on both days because amazingly the cost of fuel is still lower than the cost of a hotel room on FoS weekend in the Chichester area… ought to have checked earlier I suppose.

I haven’t forgotten about posts for Belgian GP Sunday, LMS Silverstone or the Donington Historic.. will get there eventually!


2 thoughts on “Goodwood This Weekend”

  1. This is the first time at festival and throughout all the places around the world at all the major events I have never seen such a disorganised event !
    Left at 8.30 It has took over 4 hrs to get here !

    Thanks for ruining our day still not there at 12.55 such a waste of £400
    Must be a typically English thing !


  2. I went today and suffered the same thing. I left at 8.40, got to the traffic at Chichester at 10.20 (all fine so far)… but from there it took over two hours just to get the chance to queue up to park the car. Ridiculous. I finally parked up at about 13.00. I’ve been 5 times before and never saw anything like this – bad yes, this no. Awful.

    (The post was about last year, I forgot to write one for this year.)


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