DW at Bathurst

NASCAR champion and commentator Darrell ‘DW’ Waltrip took a ride around the Mount Panorama track at Bathurst last weekend – at speed in a V8 Supercar driven by Jason Bright. This is hilarious!

I can’t decide whether he is hamming it up, it is genuine, or a mixture of the two!

If you were watching the SPEED coverage in the US, keep watching this clip for the interview afterwards because this clip was taken from 7 Network.

I actually haven’t seen the race yet, I understand it was an absolute classic so I hope to catch up with it over the winter.

[Video found on the Midweek Motorsport Facebook page]


One thought on “DW at Bathurst”

  1. I think that was a little hammy, but Darrell probably had a pretty good time. Whatever, I’m just thrilled to get some decent silhouette racing in the States now (even if I did miss Bathurst, due to temporarily not having Speed, but nothing’ll keep me from watching Surfer’s).


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