TMR Game 2011 – Week 38

Hello and welcome to TMR Game Week 38.

7 weeks to go. This post accepts entries for these 4 events, this is the last time we see four races in one week in 2011:

– F1 Korean GP, Yeongam
– IndyCar Las Vegas (season finale)
– NASCAR Cup Charlotte
– MotoGP Phillip Island


Each week you pick 10 entries with a maximum of 7 of those coming from a single championship.
You can have any mix of races from those listed in this post, and you don’t have to use all of them.

See this page for the rules.

Email reminders will be sent on Thursdays or Fridays by either myself or Sebastian. Please leave a valid email address in the comment form.



Week 37 Formula 1 NASCAR Cup
Points Suzuka Kansas
1 50 Button Johnson
2 40 Alonso Kahne
3 35 Vettel Keselowski
4 32 Webber Kenseth
5 30 Hamilton Edwards
6 28 Schumacher Harvick
7 26 Massa Bowyer
8 24 Perez Biffle
9 22 Petrov Ambrose
10 20 Rosberg Martin


Player Scores

Player F1 NASCAR Week 37
Jackie 215 125 340
Startledbunny 207 127 334
Maverick 235 97 332
Felipe Gana 215 114 329
RubberGoat 233 95 328
Sean 233 82 315
Pat W 215 100 315
Sebastian X 213 96 309
The Speedgeek 205 102 307
Dylanpt24 187 111 298
Ryan (80%) 238
Crooked Cap (80%) 238
James (80%) 238
Jay (80%) 238
Mike Rice (80%) 238

Well done Jackie!

Four people had their 6 F1 drivers finish in the top six. Mav also had 6 of his 7 in the top six (plus Rosberg), and Dylan got all 5 of his in the top five.

I would’ve been up with the higher scores had it not been for Jeff Gordon only scoring a point but at least I am in good company with the two leaders nearby.

Please see the score-by-score results produced by Sebastian.


Pos Pre +/- Name Prior Wk 37 Total +
1 1 0 Sebastian X 9605 309 9914
2 2 0 Sean 9586 315 9901 13
3 3 0 RubberGoat 9211 328 9539 362
4 4 0 Felipe Gana 9121 329 9450 89
5 5 0 Pat W 9106 315 9421 29
6 6 0 Maverick 9087 332 9419 2
7 7 0 The Speedgeek 9055 307 9362 57
8 8 0 Jackie 8919 340 9259 103
9 9 0 Startledbunny 8903 334 9237 22
10 10 0 Dylanpt24 8277 298 8575 662
11 11 0 Ryan 8210 238 8448 127
12 12 0 The Crooked Cap 7815 238 8053 395
13 13 0 James 7336 238 7574 479
14 14 0 Jay 6867 238 7105 469
15 15 0 Mike Rice 6351 238 6589 516

After losing 1st position last week, Sean’s now closed the gap by six and the lead is down to just 13 points now.

Maverick has closed in on me by 17 points to lead by a scant two points.

Everyone will be looking to make the most of this week’s races as it will be the last opportunity to pick four winners in a single week!

Races This Week

F1 Korean GP – Yeongam

This could be an interesting race, especially if it isn’t rain-affected. Last year’s debut race led to a long delay for heavy rain so the teams don’t have the level of data they would normally have for dry running, and us fans don’t have a good idea of what to expect either. I like racing into the unknown. I hope it is dry because that means we’ll finally get a good read on what this circuit is really like.

IndyCar Las Vegas

Indycars haven’t graced the Las Vegas oval for a few years now and their return is much-anticipated, much more so after Kentucky two weeks ago where Ed Carpenter proved the Ganassi cars can be beaten on an oval and that you don’t need to be driving a Penske to do it!

There is a much-expanded entry list for this race which will be the final race for the venerable Dallara IR04 chassis – if you’ve got a spare car you’ll never use again why not stick a driver in it? These extra cars could be too many though, I’ve never known an open-wheel race on a 1.5 mile oval with 34 cars (more than Indy!), it could be tight, there could be a lot of silly yellows. Whatever else, it should be fun.

MotoGP Phillip Island

The classic Australian venue often serves a good race and despite a depleted field I trust this year will be no exception.

NASCAR Cup Charlotte

The 600 mile race was won by Kevin Harvick in the spring, who will come out on top over 500 miles this weekend?

Good luck!

Coming Soon

To aid your planning these are the remaining races this season:

Week 39 – MotoGP Sepang, DTM Hockenheim, NASCAR Cup Talladega

Week 40 – F1 Indian GP, NASCAR Cup Martinsville

Week 41 – MotoGP Valencia, DTM Shanghai, NASCAR Cup Texas

Week 42 – F1 Abu Dhabi GP, ILMC Zhuhai 6 Hrs, NASCAR Cup Phoenix

Week 43 – NASCAR Cup Homestead-Miami

Week 44 – F1 Brazilian GP

15 thoughts on “TMR Game 2011 – Week 38”

  1. Watching that NASCAR race was very painful for me as Stewart and Gordon were doing really well until the latter stages of the race.

    Formula One:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button
    Fernando Alonso

    Scott Dixon

    Casey Stoner
    Jorge Lorenzo
    Dani Pedrosa
    Ben Spies


  2. Right… dead easy picks for me this week – let’s hope they come out on top!

    1. Vettel
    2. Webber
    3. Hamilton
    4. Button
    5. Alonso
    6. Massa

    7. Stoner
    8. Lorenzo
    9. Pedrosa
    10. Rossi


  3. 34-car IndyCar field on a track they haven’t visited in over a decade? No way I’m making picks there.

    F1: Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Vettel, Webber
    MotoGP: Dovizioso, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Rossi, Stoner


  4. I’m coming after you Pat!

    Sebastian Vettel
    Jenson Button
    Lewis Hamilton
    Fernando Alonso

    Casey Stoner
    Jorge Lorenzo
    Dani Pedrosa
    Ben Spies

    Scott Dixon

    Matt Kenseth


  5. F1
    Button, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton

    Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Dovizioso


    Franchitti, Power

    Whilst I agree with Sean that it’ll either be a crashfest with so many cars, or close up front so that they could finish 1st or 11th, I can’t pass up the chance to bag a 4th winner when I’m trying to catch people. Perhaps against my better judgement, I’m going to take the risk.


  6. Err I’ve got to remove one, serves me right for hurrying. I’ll drop Power as he is more likely to get a lower-than-5th position at this sort of track.


  7. I think the Indycar will be not too untypical for the extra runners. There will be extra backmarkers but it is a superspeedway so it should not be too crowded. I avoided picking Franchitti because I think he will be driving for points as he did at the last race last season after Power went out. I avoided picking Power because he is not too bad on one-mile ovals, but not that great either, and barely has a good result on the 1.5 ovals. I suspect he will try extra hard needing a very good result for the title and it will end in tears.

    I picked Spies over Dovizioso because I thought the track looked more suited to Yamaha, plus Spies had a decent result last year, but I am watching qualification before the F1, and Honda look best and Spies has taken a nasty looking tumble and generally looks slower than Dovizioso, hence a reversal of that decision.

    Formula One:
    Sebastian Vettel
    Mark Webber
    Lewis Hamilton
    Jenson Button
    Fernando Alonso

    Scott Dixon

    Casey Stoner
    Jorge Lorenzo
    Dani Pedrosa
    Ben Spies
    Andrea Dovizioso

    I think I am just inside the deadline. Please let me know Patrick if I have missed it.


  8. I think it was seconds. I thought I had more time than I did, and as I submitted noticed that the VCR already said 6:00 (it is a bit fast) and was regretting time spent adding the last line about perhaps missing the deadline!


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