A New Home for the TMR Game!

Do you like motorsport predictions games? A fan of F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, sportscars, WRC, MotoGP? Or perhaps you would like to find a way to learn the personalities involved in those series? Play the TMR Game!

The last two season have seen this blog host the ‘Too Much Racing Game’, a.k.a. ‘TMR Game’, a prediction competition in which players weekly choose up to ten drivers from a variety of major series. Players are awarded points based on finishing positions of their picks and by the last major race of the season, the player with the most points wins. The game was based on The Speedgeek’s own All-Racing Fantasy League, a private league run via email.

The TMR Game will not be continuing on this blog this season, just I said at the end of last season I’d like to use my energies writing more frequently and working on another project I have in mind. Thankfully the game will be back in 2012, at a new home!

Sebastian has generously volunteered to run what is now ‘The Motor Racing Game‘ and it now has a dedicated site: http://themotorracinggame.wordpress.com/

You think you know racing? Sebastian has a 100% record after winning both competitions held so far. Head over to the new site from Sunday if you think you can challenge him!

The rules are the same, the format is the same, there are just a few minor alterations but nothing more than the changes between 2010 and 2011.

The best part? The WRC is back! That means the game restarts THIS WEEKEND in order to accept entries for the Monte-Carlo Rally!

And don’t worry if you miss the Tuesday night deadline enforced by the Monte-Carlo schedule, there’s a one-time opportunity to join in time for the Rolex 24 at Daytona without losing points to the competition.

I really do hope that the game attracts both new and existing players and continues to grow, so if you think you know racing or you’d like a great way to learn about series you don’t follow right now, take yourself along to the TMRG site and join in!

Thanks again to Sebastian for his help over the last two years and stepping in now, to Andy for allowing me to rip off his game, and to all of the players who have entered. It’s been fun! It’s also been a bit tiring to run and I really am looking forward to enjoying this game as a player!


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