Dakar 2012 – Stage 6

Stage 6 (cancelled)

Fiambala > Copiapo


Today the rally was supposed to have left Argentina, crossed the Andes mountains by road and then contested a short 247km special just over the Chilean border. However, the weather got the better of the ASO who were forced to cancel the crossing because the advance organisation vehicles (who precede the main event) were unable to cross the mountains the previous day. As a result the special stage was not contested and the competitors crossed the mountain in convoy.

Magazine (2min):

Why do the Dutch love Dakar trucks?

Stage 6 Summary:

No stage = no summary!



No change since yesterday.

Overall – Bikes

1. Despres (KTM)
2. Coma (KTM) +9m51s
3. Rodrigues (Yamaha) +47m56s
4. Lopez (Aprilia) +49m00s
5. Goncalves (Husqvarna) +54m47s

Overall – Cars

1. Peterhansel (MINI)
2. Holowcyc (MINI) +4m18s
3. Roma (MINI) +10m39s
4. Gordon (Hummer) +13m32s
5. De Villiers (Toyota) +21m01s



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  1. Yeah, astonishing to think a truck could outpace a leader in the cars especially since they start behind most (if not all) cars.

    I’m glad you like them, gotta say the WordPress readership stats are dire but I like the Dakar enough to continue anyway. 🙂


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