The Difficulty With Blogging

The difficulty with blogging is trying to find something to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times before. That’s why I didn’t write about the Malaysian GP, there was so much discussion about Vettel vs Webber and Rosberg vs Brawn that I had nothing to add. I see no reason to parrot other people.

Anyway, nobody reads race reviews on blogs, they go to the news sites for that. The site stats prove it, and that’s fine because they can be a bind to write. I’m retiring from writing them. Fewer commitments and greater freedom, that’s what I say.

So yes, just a self-indulgent little note to say sorry for the lack of posts, and as of now the blog’s focus will change slightly. I liked it when I put up shorter posts interspersed with the odd longer feature piece so I’m going back to that format.


3 thoughts on “The Difficulty With Blogging”

  1. I’ve toyed with this format off and on at for a while, and it’s all I can do any more. Ten years ago, blogging was somewhat of a novelty, done by people with a day job. Now blogging is ubiquitous, and a lot of people are doing it on a full-time or semi-full time basis. By the time I’ve gotten home from work, or had a chance to put the kids to bed, 500 bloggers have already posted ad nauseum about everything that has happened that weekend.

    My wife and I have spent most of the last year just keeping up with our newborn baby, so I am just now getting back into blogging after being absent for most of last season.

    Keep up the writing. Even if other bloggers have said it 500 times already, you’re going to find a way to say it differently. God Bless.


  2. Sometimes I read so many long-form pieces that I forget what *I* think, and can’t string 1000-1500 words together about it! It just turns into an explanation of the facts. Sometimes that’s fine and sometimes it isn’t!

    You’re absolutely right, Scott, about blogging as something you ‘do after a day job’. That’s exactly how it is for me and quite a few people, by the time I get home, work through the issues, have dinner and get something written out it can be 10pm. We can’t compete with pro writers or bloggers-hoping-to-be-journalists so there is no point trying, much better to find our own niche and be good at that!

    Thanks for the comment and I’ll take a look at your site. šŸ™‚


  3. Quite right Pat, you have to enjoy what you are doing and if you are writing stuff because you feel you have to rather than you want to then your enthusiasm to write will suffer. Personally, I like your opinion pieces and anything with a historical bent but I’m sure that whatever you choose to write about in future will have many eager to read it.


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