An Aside With Joe #16

Today the latest ‘An Aside With Joe’ podcast was released and amazingly they are up to no.16 already. It doesn’t seem long since the first one.

These chats with journalist and author Joe Saward are always very revealing and in this edition you can find out about:

  • making Grands Prix green;
  • a Grand Prix for electric cars;
  • Silverstone’s deal;
  • an update on the Motorsport Business Forum, not the Monaco one like much of the F1 media but the Orlando event (and the reasons why he went there);
  • hydroplanes – yes, really;

I’ve said it before and it is ever true – after listening to Joe speak for just under an hour you come away feeling a lot wiser about motorsport and you look at it through different eyes – plus you can impress your friends with the knowledge. Of course, your friends don’t care about motorsport and they still think Button is called Jason, hah, what do they know, nothing.

Thanks to Sidepodcast and especially to Joe for making the time to produce these, and particularly this episode which was an unexpected addition.

I know it is Christmas but you should make time for this one, LISTEN HERE.


TMR on Planet IRL podcast!

Kohl from PlanetIRL has a new podcast and was gracious enough to ask me to appear on his first show. I was glad to agree even though I was mortified at actually talking out loud! What might I say?

Find out here!

Show Details

Host: Kohl Kirkland

F1 Segment
Dex Brennan, from Midweek Motorsport and
– Me!

IRL Segment
– Existing PlanetIRL co-writer Lisa Kenny.
– New PlanetIRL co-writer Paul Dalbey, also of

Special Guest
Daniel Herrington, currently running inside the top ten in the Indy Lights points standings

Head over to the PlanetIRL to download the show!

* *

I let the side down a little by saying “umm”, leaving gaps and generally being a bit quiet, but that’s me generally anyway – for a quiet guy I didn’t do too badly, particularly when paired with experienced motormouth Dex! He was a legend stepping in at the last minute when the booked guest found himself stuck at work.

What have I learned? If I ever go on a podcast again I’ll be sure to prepare notes first and cut down on the nervous laughing! I very much enjoyed it though, and I hope the podcast is a success.

The Customer Comes First

The esteemed Mr Pressdog has recently taken up the mantle of being the champion of the customer – the fan – who is losing out and needs to be listened to, needs to be taken seriously.

Formula 1 journalist Joe Saward agrees and he tells it straight both on and his blog, and he has been talking about how F1 should pay more attention to fans on several editions of podcasts from

Check out last week’s instalment “The Customer Always Comes First” on the link below (this quote is actually unrelated to fans and is about engines – but he is in the fans’ corner too), and be sure to check the site every race weekend for his latest musings as well as the regular Debriefs throughout the weekend from the SPC team.

You probably ought to check the archives too.

TMR on Two Podcasts!

Amazingly I have appeared on two podcasts in the last week. Hot on the heels of meeting up with the voices and commenters at last week when an impromptu chat was recorded with a whole group of us, I also joined in with the Sidepodpanel on Sunday night! It was a lot of fun and I hope to go on again at some point in time, if they’ll have me. The edited podcasts are now live on the site so go over and check them out!

This is an irregular feature on the website and the Science Museum Meetup provided an ideal chance to hold a version with everyone actually present in person. I had a few words to say but preferred to mill around listening to everyone else speak, as much as was possible with so many people in an open space!
Head here to listen to the podcast, it comes in at a tidy 16 minutes and you can listen on the page or download the MP3.
Although I sent a voicemail just before Melbourne, this was my first ‘proper’ podcast appearance with me talking live and direct into the mike. A very strange experience!

Sidepodpanel (Series 2 Panel 10):
This is a regular series in which two teams of three guests answer questions set by a guest host, with points awarded by Christine who is the host of the other podcasts produced by SPC (as I’m sure you don’t need telling, being regular listeners yourselves).
I was placed with Team Fish & Chips alongside Alex and Scott. We were up against Team Alex’s Trousers comprising Gavin, Steven and Andy. The guest host was Chris Evans (not the TV/radio one). Don’t ask about the team names. 🙂

Before listening to this one you should be familiar with this video from the former ITV commentator James Allen.

It was a hell of a lot of fun to take part so thanks to everyone concerned! It was very, very nerve-racking being put on the spot and coming up with something but everyone was nice about it and encouraging – after all, they were all newbies once too – and actually it was a good thing because it meant the questions were pitched at the right level, and made us all think. Nice job Chris!

Head to this page to hear the podcast! This one comes in at less than 40 minutes. Download it and listen after this weekend’s racing action if you prefer.

Don’t forget to catch up with all the Bahrain action with their other podcasts across the weekend including the brilliant aSide with Joe featuring Joe Saward of, calling direct from Bahrain.