The Starting Grid

The few of you who read Too Much Racing will hopefully have noticed my two links sections. The second set is your usual collection of links to racing news websites, forums, and Firefox.

The first set, the one in the prominent position underneath my profile, that’s more important. It is a selected group of blogs I spend a large amount of time reading and I recommend you check out each of them.
The box the links live in is actually quite a nifty Blogger widget which lists the links in order of most-recently updated blog, it is a regular pastime checking to see who has jumped to the top of the list lately. I thought I’d post a bit about each, at random intervals.

The first choice is The Starting Grid, by Mark and Void. Not least because… drum roll… I’ve been invited to contribute!

I’d like to say thanks to the guys for the invitation. I’m flattered that I was even asked. Either you like my stuff or you are desperate.

Starting Grid is a kind of a news/humour/opinion site, all mixed together sometimes in one post. You get some good forthright opinion without beating around the bush, along with some snarky or sarcastic commentary and Photoshops. I like that.
If I got that wrong then I apologise! I still like it though.

Make sure you check out the site and add it to your links and/or blogroll: