Spa-Francorchamps – A Fans Perspective

This is a tremendous short video by Will Hussey from this year’s Belgian GP at the fantastic Spa-Francorchamps.

This video captures the crowd, the atmosphere, the feel of the event just perfectly. I attended in 2010 and it was just like this except then it rained heavily, constantly. The only other things missing here are the waffles, the frites et mayo, and the selection of local beers in town. I think it is time to go back.

Author:  Will Hussey @racinghumour

Found via: Will Buxton


5 thoughts on “Spa-Francorchamps – A Fans Perspective”

  1. It’s *always* time to go back to Belgium and it’s wonderful race track and accompanying beer.
    Plus, you never know who you’re going to bump into if you visit the old town if Spa 😉

    [Also, agreed on the video]


  2. I definitely miss the beer as much as the racetrack.

    That’s a great diary Patrick, you seem to be good at blagging lifts and cheap tickets and camping! I would never have tried hitch hiking but what an experience that must’ve been. Was it really as long ago as 2010 that you stopped blogging?


  3. That video is the personification of epicness. Spa is going to happen for me some year. And anybody who watches that and still thinks that the current F1 is broken needs to get their head checked, posthaste.


  4. You absolutely must. I have to get back there but I don’t know that I can afford F1 so I’m plotting the WEC instead.

    I forgot to mention in the post, in case it wasn’t obvious click the HD button and go through to watch that version.


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