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The biggest race in the world, no matter what the people of Indy may say. Le Mans is fantastic. It is also remarkably hard to follow.

I’m juggling two commentary teams: Radio Le Mans and Eurosport. Each have their merits, it gets particularly tough to choose when the excellent combo of Martin Haven and Jeremy Shaw are on Eurosport – them or Hindy & Co? RLM has more info but the feed keeps stopping.

I won’t be able to see the whole race, I’m going for a sleep stint later and I’m going to have to miss the final couple of hours for a family thing, but I’m expecting the race to be sewn up with 2hrs to go – the last hour is just a parade anyway. The real racing is happening right now – from the start until 6am. That’s when the time is made up, and lost.

Add to this the complication of F1 qualifying and the rather big World Cup game of England vs USA and this Saturday is non-stop! Love it though..

Come on England!

I’m Watching… #1

The introduction to my TMR Game posts is often a recap of what I’ve been watching over the weekend just past, but as I was writing the post tonight I wondered if it would be better to write it as a post on its own every Monday/Tuesday. It gets across my thoughts on that week’s racing and cuts the Game posts down to size, which I’ve been pondering how to do for a while. Win-win!

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=IndyCar+Texas&iid=9040101″ src=”http://view.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/9040101/firestone-550k/firestone-550k.jpg?size=500&imageId=9040101″ width=”380″ height=”248″ /]

I stayed up most of Saturday night / Sunday morning to watch the excellent Texas IndyCar race along with the gang at Sidepodcast (and Twitter of course). Really good to get back on the fast ovals with Indy and Texas – I love the road courses but there’s something different about their oval races you just don’t see anywhere else. *cough*  Great to see the Andretti team back up front with a 2-3 finish. It was unfortunate what happened to de Silvestro – I’d planned to expand on that (and also recap Indy) in a dedicated IndyCar blog post but that has been delayed as I’ve been busy.

DTM and MotoGP clashes – as usual – and I watched the MotoGP as that’s usually the more entertaining of the two plus I can get it on my TV and the DTM would require a stream, though I wonder why I bothered because after the Pedrosa/Lorenzo thing was settled it was fairly boring. I’m just not getting excited about the current crop of riders, who the hell are they?

I don’t watch NASCAR Cup races (I’d watch highlights if I could), but I did catch the tag between Harvick and Logano on YouTube. What was that about? Commentary said they were going for the same gap, looked a little more suspect to me, perhaps not deliberate but maybe one didn’t back off when they may have done had it been someone else, apparently these guys have history..

Since I missed last week, what did I think of Turkey? Tense all the way through, the top four were pushing like hell throughout – it may not have come across on the TV screen but following the live timing a different member of the quartet set Fastest Lap with every pass. Then the clash! I jumped out of my seat. I never jump out of my seat. Vettel’s fault, clearly. Then the Maccas tried it! Sane heads prevailed and they took the 1-2.

What of the big race of that week, the 500? I LOVED IT. I’ve watched the Indy 500 since 2006 and this was the best yet. That’s not just for the racing but also the atmosphere, which was the most positive and forward-looking I’ve seen in my short tenure as a 500 fan – “unification” and the new management of the series are turning things around already. Many, like Pressdog, complained it was too much like an F1 race. So? It was like a very good F1 race or a very good sportscar endurance race. It had mystery, strategy, balls-out passes into tight corners (despite being an oval, at 230mph those turns are tight and the place only has one effective line), and top it off most of the front-runners hit trouble, so we had some different people in the top ten. Dario and team executed a near-perfect race. That’s fine – we watch this stuff to see the best of the best, this isn’t amateur hour – and if they hadn’t, we would’ve seen a non-Ganassi non-Penske winner. Roll on next year.

Another big one this week – Le Mans! Should be great. Mixed in with the welcome return of the Canadian GP and the stat of the World Cup, we’re in for a hell of a weekend.

[Photo credit:  IZOD IndyCar Series at Texas Motor Speedway, Getty Images, via Picapp]

TMR Game – Week 20

Welcome to Week 20 of the Too Much Racing Game!

I usually use this space to write about the racing I watched over the weekend, but I’ve decided to do that in a breakout post which will follow shortly. All I’ll say now is this week will be crucial, so be sure to make your picks! On with the game report.


Racing this week:

LM24 – 24 Hours of Le Mans;

F1 – Canadian GGP;

Sprint Cup – Michigan;

Usual restrictions apply, pick up to 10 drivers, no more than 7 from one race. Toughie this week.

The cutoff is Saturday 12th June at 4.59am BST (British Summer Time = GMT+1), that’s 11.59pm Friday night US EDT.

For the full results from Week 19, read on.

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Allan McNish chats with The Feeder Series

Jon from The Feeder Series has bagged a lengthy interview with the legend that is Allan McNish, two-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Pretty good timing since the 2010 edition of the big race is next week and McNish is, as ever, expected to be at the forefront of the Audi attack.

Allan talks about his career to date and also his involvement in the Jim Russell driving school in the US, as well as one of the young drivers he’s starting to look after as he moves into driver development. Fascinating listen, as it always is with McNish.

Check it out RIGHT HERE.

Big props to friend-0f-the-blog Jon for securing the interview, and of course to Allan for giving up half an hour of his time to an up and coming site/podcast in the lead up to the biggest race of the year.