British Grand Prix Heroes

It is the eve of the British Grand Prix.  Who is the best British F1 driver of all time? It is an oft-answered and much debated question, so when I and a load of other bloggers were asked by to rank our own top 3 and leave a few thoughts on each, I couldn’t turn them down!

I went for Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and John Surtees.

Here are the results along with comments from a whole collection of blogs – and there’s a surprise in there. If you click you’ll go through to their site where there’s a larger version.

British GP Heroes - Moneysupermarket

See, this is how you do it. I get a few content requests every now and then which I often just ignore. This was different, one of the few to approach in plain English, up front about who they are, and with a really good idea – rather than some awful PR-speak asking to ‘supply content’ and wanting me to link to a dodgy-looking casino site. There’s a lesson to be learned somewhere.


2 thoughts on “British Grand Prix Heroes”

  1. Nice to see something like this where the more modern drivers don’t dominate. I think I may have gone for Clark, Stewart and Hamilton. I think Surtees was far better than many people believe so i think he was a very reasonable choice.

    I am surprised Pryce gets a mention because he was ignored for years. Interesting that he has a higher profile now than 20 years ago.

    Graham Hill the most versatile driver in history. I am not having that. That obviously came from someone who knew he had won the F1 championship, Indy and Le Mans. I would put Clark and Andretti above him for starters because between them they won in everything from midgets to saloon cars to NASCAR to sportscars.


  2. I like to think that asking die-hard F1 fans means it is more representative than a general survey. I was surprised at Moss being behind Mansell, despite Mansellmania you can’t say he was better than Moss. I thought Damon Hill or Jenson Button would make it into 9th or !0th.

    Pryce was very surprising, I didn’t expect to see his name at all purely through lack of races. It looks like he got two nominations (no 3rd quote).

    I mostly agree about Graham Hill. He was versatile in an era when everybody was versatile, but I do think winning those events is quite special. I’d easily rate Mario ahead of him, and Stirling.


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