Red Bull’s mistake

Today one of our fellow humble bloggers received a letter from a Formula 1 team – not just any Formula 1 team but the very group he spends his time blogging about, you see his is a blog devoted to the Red Bull F1 family of Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso. Fantastic! Or so you might think.. read his own words..:

Excitedly I opened it, wondering what was contained inside. My enthusiasm quickly turned to sheer bewilderment when I realised that I had in fact received a letter from Red Bull’s legal people with regards to this blog.

..and the words of Red Bull:

Your use of the domain names and the Bull Logo misrepresents some affiliation between the famous Red Bull brand and the Websites. Potentially, this could confuse members of the public.

Utter stupidity! Confuse the public? How? Perhaps they think there is money being made? It’s a fan blog. Someone writing positive stories about his favourite racing team. I’m sure we’re all fans of the atmosphere Red Bull brought into what had become a stale F1 paddock even if we may not be fans of the team. Personally I respect them a lot but I’m generally indifferent, but that’s irrelevant. I like the things they do elsewhere such as the Red Bull Air Race World Series and sponsorships throughout motorsport. RBR/STR are good teams. But let’s face it there aren’t many Red Bull Racing fan sites out there, so why try to stamp out this one?

Quite rightly he’s decided to close the blog rather than agree to strict terms of operating, and that’s a shame.

Let’s hope sense returns to the legal department on Monday and they reconsider stripping one of their biggest supporters of his freedom to big ’em up.

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News and Notes to October 4th

Apologies for the sparseness of updates since Singapore, I know a fair amount has happened this week however I’ve been focussed on other things. It’ll likely be this way until June when I’ve completed my accountancy course. Hey this ain’t a news site, I don’t need to keep to schedule.

So let’s recap, with the aid of Sonador 1556, a lovely Cab Sauv / Merlot blend red wine from Argentina which I picked up cheaply from a booze warehouse near Calais a couple of months ago, and with Winamp running at random through my 2500 MP3s (check out my profile – get one yourself!), as the autumn wind and rain hammer at the window.

– Helio & the Taxman
I’m sure you’ve all read about Helio Castrovneves (et al) and the trouble with the tax authorities in the US. Like all racing fans I truly hope Helio is innocent in all this, that he got screwed by a manager or advisor or someone. In saying that, I have a bad feeling about it, that maybe he isn’t entirely clean. Just my gut, hope I’m wrong.

The official position of Too Much Racing is this: Let’s wait and see, we don’t have enough info as yet.

– Gerry & the Lawyer
Since the Helio story broke the otherwise big news of Paul Tracy suing Gerry Forsythe has hit the backburner. Basically, Tracy wasn’t paid monies due by Forsythe according to the contract between them. Will at IsItMayYet? looks like he has some good access on this.

I don’t trust Forsythe as far as I can throw him, though he has some good people under him. I was amazed when he announced his Indy Lights team.

The official position of Too Much Racing is this: “Go Paul Tracy!” I hope he gets the money owed to him, plus interest. I also hope he hooks up with an intelligent sponsor for the ’09 season. I still think he’d do wonders for KV or Conquest. There’s a part of me that still wants him to join an ex-Champ Car team, it wouldn’t seem right any other way, and right now I can’t countenance his o/w career being over.

– Andretti & the Europeans
Michael Andretti is in the Netherlands, apparently choosing to go to Zandvoort for his new A1GP venture rather than see his team’s last attempt (for now?) at Petit Le Mans. I respect that decision greatly, it would have been easy for him to just go to Petit, but he wanted to see his A1 team off from the start despite the much-reported troubles of the series as a whole right now, despite AGR’s involvement apparently only existing for mere weeks.
Make no bones about it, his presence and that of AGR boosts A1GP immensely right now, perhaps more so than Ferrari given it is they who seriously dropped the ball on car supply.

We’re two weeks after the scheduled series start, which was cancelled, and still five teams are unable to participate due to lack of cars. Four teams this weekend have seriously struggled because their cars only arrived at the circuit on Friday, meaning some of the teams missed practice. A1Team.China still hasn’t turned a wheel as I write this. A1GP had to schedule an extra practice on Sunday to compensate. This is after they introduced a ‘dropped score’ rule to compensate for the guys who don’t have a car to run.

Back to Andretti. I’m pleased it is he who got the US franchise. He has unfinished business over here and it would clear his name, especially if he attends most of the races, gets his face about. The F1 fraternity has branded him as tainted after his McLaren run so Europeans often see him in that light rather than based on his Indycar credentials. Yes I know most of A1 takes place in Asia but most of the teams and personnel are European.
It is a big step for A1 to have an American team, rather than Brits in US clothing as most teams are (or have been – actually I’ve lost track of who runs what team now). More A1 teams should take this step. It is also better to have a true racing guy running the team rather than some businessman we’ve never heard of.

I’ve seen many blog posts deriding the choice of Marco and Danica. I disagree. I think it is huge boost to A1GP to have these more established drivers race rather than a bunch of younger guys who’ve grown out of F3 but couldn’t get the budget for GP2 or WSbR, as it has been lately. No offence to Charlie Kimball who is a talented guy, I hope AGR gives him an IndyCar test. Also my nerdy-senses are tingling at the prospect of those two up against Bleekemolen, Carroll, and Jani who in my book are the clear frontrunners and are no slouches.

The official position of Too Much Racing is: to wish A1 well, after all it is a superior concept than Superleague. When the season gets under way properly, all problems ironed out, it’ll be something to watch. I intend to find a way to watch it, albeit delayed, as I cannot afford Sky’s prices. Apparently there is no US TV coverage at all so you’ll have to use the same methods as me.

Hey – maybe Paul Tracy could be the driver for A1Team.Canada!

– F1 Fans & the Annual Survey
For the last few years, the FIA in association with AMD and F1 Racing have offered a survey to the fans of Formula 1. The questions were usually loaded so they got the answers they were looking for, but it was still worthwhile.
The new survey is out and apparently drops the association with the FIA. This year it is run by F1 Racing and ING (sponsor of RenaultF1 and several GPs).

I’ve just completed it and it seems less loaded than in years past.
I strongly recommend to anybody who watches F1, complete this survey, tell them what you think, and forward the link to your friends or your own blog. It doesn’t matter if you religiously watch every race or just a handful every year, this is your chance to be heard. All I ask is you don’t put in stupid answers to fuck up the results, let’s make this count people.

– TMR & the Bloggers
I’ve only been blogging for 8 weeks or so so I’m no old-hand, but it is always nice when you visit a site or blog you’d never taken the time to read before (for whatever reason) and find that you’ve been linked. One such blog is The Open Wheel. Having just read the last few updates I wish I’d known about it sooner. Thanks for the link, consider yourself reciprocated.

It is just as good, perhaps better, to find yourself linked at places you’ve been reading for months and – so I’d like to thank Pressdog, MyNameIsIRL and Meesh (you’re blog name is too long!) who’s links are in my sidebar already.
Final mention goes to The Starting Grid, who like this shit so much they invited me to post it at their site! My latest post is the thing about Singapore, check back there soon for a report about Petit Le Mans from Void who is there right now. I’m assuming he’s doing a report. If I had a blog I’d be doing a report. Oh. I do have a blog.

While I’m here, check on October 10th for the monthly update. Brit-biased, lots of in-jokes for regular readers, and very much Not Safe For Work (or kids). Meantime, spend a little time reading the history. You’ll love it.

Given the wine consumed I think this last section has been the blog equivalent of the drunken “you’re my besht mate, I luv you”.

Sorry, I know blog posts are supposed to be short and snappy and I could have done 3 here, that’s not how I do things.

One thing I’ve learned today: red wine improves my writing. Must do this again sometime.
Catch you later.

The Starting Grid

The few of you who read Too Much Racing will hopefully have noticed my two links sections. The second set is your usual collection of links to racing news websites, forums, and Firefox.

The first set, the one in the prominent position underneath my profile, that’s more important. It is a selected group of blogs I spend a large amount of time reading and I recommend you check out each of them.
The box the links live in is actually quite a nifty Blogger widget which lists the links in order of most-recently updated blog, it is a regular pastime checking to see who has jumped to the top of the list lately. I thought I’d post a bit about each, at random intervals.

The first choice is The Starting Grid, by Mark and Void. Not least because… drum roll… I’ve been invited to contribute!

I’d like to say thanks to the guys for the invitation. I’m flattered that I was even asked. Either you like my stuff or you are desperate.

Starting Grid is a kind of a news/humour/opinion site, all mixed together sometimes in one post. You get some good forthright opinion without beating around the bush, along with some snarky or sarcastic commentary and Photoshops. I like that.
If I got that wrong then I apologise! I still like it though.

Make sure you check out the site and add it to your links and/or blogroll:


Welcome to my blogthing!

I’m still not sure why I’m doing this or if I’ll think of enough to put in here to make it worth reading – we shall see. Maybe I’ve been too influenced by some other blogs and thought “hey, I can do that”. Maybe without so much of the humour but I’ll give it a shot. Truth is I have no idea how this will turn out. A decade in newsgroups should hopefully help.

So a little about me:

I’m 28 years old, a menial office worker in a small town in Dorset, a county in southern England. I work in accounts and am about to embark on the 3rd year of a three year part-time accountancy course, so blog posts could be intermittant especially near exam time.

I’ve been watching F1 since I was a small child. Earliest motorsport memory is the Marlboro McLarens dominating the racing and my constant disappointment that Mansell couldn’t always keep up. Later, in the mid-90s, that changed to Hill and the awful reliability of his Williams when he was in the #0 car.

Since 1998 I’ve been reading Autosport magazine and can therefore be classified as a motorsport nerd. A little later, 2000 I think, I got access to Eurosport and watched my first CART races – and my first oval races. Blown away, been a fan of US open-wheel ever since but haven’t always been able to watch due to moving around and not being able to afford the satellite/cable setup.

Then in 2007 I discovered the means to watch not only Champ Car (as it had become) and IRL (despite my opposition to it until that point), but a whole lot of other stuff. BTCC. DTM. Sportscars.

That’s when the obsession took over.

That’s when I started watching Too Much Racing.

For the record I am a fan of racing more than any particular team or driver.