In order to watch too much racing you will need to know when it happens. Keep up with your favourite racing series by adding IWTMR Calendars to your Google Calendar, Apple iCal (iOS/iPhone/iPad), Microsoft Outlook, or any other service which supports the ICAL or HTML formats.

Just click the link for the series you want to import and it will appear in your calendar.

Scroll down to the table below to pick your championships!

2017 Season Ready!

Single-Seater Open Wheel:
FIA Formula One, Formula E, Formula 2, Formula 3 Europe, GP3;
IndyCar, Indy Lights;
Super Formula;
World Series Formula V8 3.5;

Monster Energy Cup, Xfinity Series, Camping World Trucks;

MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes;

World Rally (WRC), European Rally;
World Rallycross (World RX), European Rallycross, Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRX*);
* I know they call it GRC but I’m keeping it consistent with WRX.

Sports Car:
FIA WEC, European Le Mans Series, Michelin Le Mans Cup;
IMSA WeatherTech Championship, IMSA Continental Tire Challenge, PWC;
Blancpain GT Series (Endurance+Sprint);
Super GT;
24H Endurance Series, International GT Open, British GT, Britcar, ADAC GT Masters;

Touring Car:
BTCC, WTCC, DTM, VA (V8) Supercars, TCR International;

NHRA Mello Yello, FIA European Drag Racing;


Blancpain GT:  I merged Endurance and Sprint Cups into one calendar, the old Endurance one. SRO are bringing them closer together.

24H Series:  The Touring Car Endurance series dates are listed within the main 24H Series calendar.

March update:  GP2 Series has been renamed FIA Formula 2.


Michelin Le Mans Cup and ADAC GT Masters.


June 2015 IWTM Calendar with 21st selected.
June 2015 IWTM Calendar with the 14th selected. (click for large)
Agenda for 21st June 2015
Agenda for 13th June 2015 and the following few days (click for large)


Why  use the IWTMR Calendars?

First a disclaimer: I’ve been running these calendars since the 2011 racing season. Many decisions have been taken with experience, to make the usability the best it can be and to reduce the admin overhead. I will always listen to feedback!

One calendar per series.
Pick championships that interest you without getting lots of dates you don’t care about.

– Customise.
In Google Calendar you can colour-code each championship, e.g. you could make all the endurance series green, single-seater series red, or rally series brown (for dirt..!).

 Races only.
Races are more important. Races are why we are all here. Once you know the race day you can work out roughly when qualifying and practice will be. Use these as a reminder to check the official timetable. I tried tracking individual sessions in 2011, you’d be amazed how frequently they got moved! They also add clutter, you couldn’t find the races hidden among 100 practice sessions for different championships. Clarity is better.

Dates only, not times.
This service is a guide only. Once you know the day of the event it is your responsibility to check the timing. Sorry, it is a big job for me to track race start times! These are announced much later than race dates, sometimes only a day or two before the race. I cover 30+ series, I can’t monitor them on a weekly basis. There is also the issue of timezone conversion.

No TV times.
I don’t know where you live! The internet is global. It is up to you to find out what TV, radio and online coverage is available where you are.

– “-R-” round numbers.
Event titles are marked “-R1-“, “-R2-“, etc. This means “Round 1”, “Round 2”.

Some series have two or three races per weekend and every race that year has its own race number. BTCC does this, so the final Brands Hatch meeting is for Rounds 28, 29 and 30.

Some series have two races in a weekend and call them like V8 Supercars “Round 1 (Race 1)” and”Round 1 (Race 2)”, or like GP2 it is “Round 1 (Sprint)” and “Round 1 (Feature)”.

I try to mirror the way the championship does it but I’ve probably got this wrong somewhere, again just use this as a guide.

– Multiple races & multi-day events.
Two or more races in one day have one event for the day.
Example entry:
Apr 3:  BTCC -R1,R2,R3- Brands Hatch

Two or more races in a weekend have a new event for each day of competition.
Example entry:
May 7:  DTM – R1 – Hockenheim
May 8:  DTM – R2 – Hockenheim

Endurance events such as 24-hour races and stage rallies are listed as a single event spread across multiple days (not including Recce or Practice).

‘Misc’ calendar.
Catch-all. It includes such things as the Dakar Rally, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Isle of Man TT, Nurburgring 24 Hours, Bathurst 12 Hours and anything else that pops into my head.

‘Other Sport’ calendar.
I made this for my own benefit for the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics. I like to know that I’m not going to miss the Tour de France or the FA Cup Final or the Six Nations! Or that racing isn’t going to clash with it. It is heavily biased toward sports I watch.

– Copyright.

Creative Commons BY SA International
You may share or copy the calendar entries for your own purposes. I would like a credit where possible.

Original entries MUST remain unchanged but you can copy them to your own calendar and amend them there.

This does not imply that I endorse what you do with it, unless you have asked and got permission.

I receive no benefit from doing these, commercial or otherwise.

– Disclaimer

This service is only a guide. If you miss a race based on an error in the calendars, do not blame me!  It is up to you to make sure.

I still miss things. Dates are changed without me noticing. If you see any errors or would like to see any additions please let me know!

If you find these useful please do comment and most importantly share them.
Spread the word!

Calendar List

I’ve included two links provided to me by Google Calendar listed here as ICAL and HTML. Try them and pick the best one suited to your app.

For Google Calendar:  Click the HTML link then click the +GoogleCalendar icon at the bottom right.

For Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac):   Tap the ICAL link.
This is not restricted to Apple devices, try it on others.

Clicking the series shortname (left) will take you to their website.

Shortname Name (notable event)  Calendar
Major Single Seater
FIA F1 FIA Formula One (Monaco GP) ICAL HTML
IndyCar IndyCar Series (Indy 500) ICAL HTML
SuperFormula Super Formula ICAL HTML
Other Single Seater
FIA F2 FIA Formula 2
(was GP2)
FV8 3.5 Formula V8 3.5
(was WSR Formula Renault)
Indy Lights Indy Lights ICAL HTML
FIA F3 Europe FIA Formula 3 European Championship ICAL HTML
ACO / ‘Le Mans’
FIA WEC FIA World Endurance (Le Mans 24) ICAL HTML
Euro LMS European Le Mans Series ICAL HTML
Asian LMS Asian Le Mans Series ICAL HTML
LM Cup Michelin Le Mans Cup ICAL HTML
IMSA Cshp IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship
(Daytona 24, Sebring)
IMSA Cllnge IMSA Continental Tire Challenge ICAL HTML
Other Sportscar
Blancpain GT Blancpain GT (Spa 24) (Endurance + Sprint) ICAL HTML
24H 24H Series (Dubai 24) ICAL HTML
PWC Pirelli World Challenge ICAL HTML
GT Open International GT Open ICAL HTML
British GT British GT ICAL HTML
Britcar Britcar Endurance ICAL HTML
Touring Car
DTM Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters ICAL HTML
VASC Supercars Australia (Bathurst 1000) ICAL HTML
WTCC FIA World Touring Car Championship ICAL HTML
BTCC MSA British Touring Car Championship ICAL HTML
TCR Int’l TCR International Series ICAL HTML
NCUP Cup (Daytona 500) ICAL HTML
NXS Xfinity Series ICAL HTML
WSBK FIM World Superbikes ICAL HTML
BSB British Superbikes ICAL HTML
FIA WRC FIA World Rally Championship ICAL HTML
FIA ERC FIA European Rally Championship ICAL HTML
FIA WRX FIA World Rallycross Championship ICAL HTML
FIA ERX FIA European Rallycross Championship ICAL HTML
GRX Global Rallycross ICAL HTML
NHRA NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series ICAL HTML
FIA EDRC FIA European Drag Racing Championship ICAL HTML
Misc / Other
MISC Dakar, Nurb.24, IoM TT, Goodwood ICAL HTML
OTHER Tour de France, Olympics, World Cup ICAL HTML


I hope you find them useful!


275 thoughts on “Calendar”

  1. BSB and NHRA will be soon. My plan now is to fill the gaps alphabetically by championship because then I won’t accidentally miss anything. Every year I miss a series because I’m jumping up and down the list! I’m also taking breaks, because after doing all the above series it has become laborious.

    Since I last posted an update here I have completed:
    GP2, GP3, Formula V8 3.5 World Series, British GT, FIA World Rallycross.

    I’m next going to do, in this order:
    Britcar, BSB, FIA European Drag Racing, (I’m not sure whether to do European Rallycross), Global Rallycross, GT Open, NHRA, Pirelli World Challenge, Super Formula, Super GT, TCR International, VA Supercar (which was V8 Supercar).

    Once this is done I will be adding ADAC GT and maybe VLN.

    I may also make a ‘Major Races’ calendar copying the big races into one place. I think there might be people who only care about the Indy 500 or Le Mans 24 or Daytona 500 or Monaco GP, or whatever else, and who don’t really care about the rest of the season in the particular championship. You could argue such people wouldn’t be visiting this site, but you never know.. 🙂

    I really do appreciate all the support and thank you all very much – it genuinely does keep me going when I feel like giving up.

    I had the idea of moving this to its own site, or swapping it so Calendar was the main thing and the blog was the side project, but I’m not smart enough or dedicated enough to work it all out.


  2. Recently done: British Superbike, NHRA, FIA European Drag Racing, FIA European Rallycross, Red Bull Global Rallycross, International GT Open.

    WSBK just announced their TBA round will be at Jerez on Oct 21/22 so I’ve updated that.


  3. Thank you Patrick.

    I just share this page on the facebook page of Roberto Gonzalez, Mexico´s only WEC series driver. I hope you get many downloads from there since Im Roberto´s community manager

    Thanks again!


  4. Troy – Sorry I’ve just looked at the World of Outlaws sprint calendar and lost count somewhere over 50 events, I’m not doing all of that..

    Deb – I worked on Supercars only last night, so hopefully you can see the dates now! It is listed 2nd in the Touring Car section.

    Aron – Nice, thanks! I hope it proves popular with Roberto’s fans. He should have a good season with Manor.


  5. Update 9 March 2017:
    GP2 Series renamed as FIA Formula 2;
    Brussels Formula E race deleted and Berlin made double-header;
    WTCC Rio Hondo moved from August to July;


  6. Totally awesome site and information. It has made my days with my son, extra special as I never miss an event to spend with him. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Can’t believe I’ve only just found this site, been manually adding calendars to my iPhone (except F1 which has its own) for the last 2-3 years.
    I’ll definitely be sharing this site with a few people, so thank you for your efforts in creating such a fantastic resource!!
    Awesome that the only races I’ll now have to add manually are is the UK Legends, as my partner races in this series (support to BTRC British Truck’s).

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This is quite possibly the greatest thing on the planet (for me at least!). I’ve done this manually for the last couple of years and never knew about this website.

    You are an absolute star Patrick. I genuinely think you should have a Donate by PayPal button on your site – I’d happily contribute something because I know from experience how much work you have put into this.

    Any plans to add the MSA British Rallycross Championship calendar? (If not I’m more than happy to give you the 2017 dates in CSV format, to create a calendar to add here?)

    Thanks so so much, and all the best,

    PS If you ever need any help, please let me know – this is a resource that cannot be allowed to die

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I was just looking for a Motorsport calendar in the App Store and cannot justify spending money to buy information that is freely available on the web. Thanks for putting this info up and thanks for all the work you do putting it together. I did do this myself for the past 10 or so years as a paper calendar. Paper doesn’t travel well so I need something electronic now. Thanks again.


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