2019 Race Schedules for Google Calendar & iCal

June 2015 IWTM Calendar with 21st selected.

In order to watch too much racing you will need to know when it happens.

Keep up with your favourite racing series by adding my Calendars to your Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or other service which supports ICAL or HTML format.

Just click the link for the race schedule you want to import and it will appear in your calendar in your browser or on your phone.


Go here for details:


Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to the people who have kindly donated!

I have a Paypal tip jar on the top right of the blog which is aimed at covering my site hosting fees and domain name registrations for the year. Though these aren’t big, just a basic WordPress.com blog plus some domain names, they are sometimes a bit of a pain after some other financial headaches personally in the last few years. And the time sink of entering the calendar dates is quite considerable.

I’m pleased to say thanks to you I’ve covered my fees and enough to keep me in cups of tea for the year as well!

I’m astonished people pay at all, let alone anything more than £2, I know acutely there are far more worthy causes than this. It does encourage me to put in the work through a dark dingy autumn and winter, so thank you.

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5 thoughts on “2019 Race Schedules for Google Calendar & iCal”

  1. Well, firstly thanks and much appreciation for creating these (even without times!)and they are great for those aged who cant remember when the next race is like me. Thank heavens for Sky planner! I follow Motogp and have done since the Mick Doohan era. I also follow World Superbike as its getting better each year.

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  2. Thanks Stevie! Yes the idea is to use these to find the day, then check a TV guide. It’s impossible for me to know when things are on TV months ahead of the race and I would have to cover multiple countries. I’ll be following MotoGP with the Quest highlights this year.

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  3. Great Resource! Thanks! Any thoughts of adding MotoAmerica to your calendar? That’s the only one I had to build myself rather than benefiting from your hard work! 😉 Thanks again! Exactly what I was looking for and googling it helped me find your site! I think I’ll stick around for a while!


  4. Cheers for this. I use a calendar like this to track all Liverpool’s prem games and was looking for the same for motogp and wsbk. Its very handy just to have a quick glance at my phone and know if theres a race on that weekend. Great work!


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